As with any new venture for profit or not for profit, change is inevitable. Design Studio Magazine is no exception. While traffic is steady and things are going well, I am personally not happy with the way the backend is organized and running. Some contributors are being overwhelmed with their own sites and obligations and we all know how that can be.

With those things in mind, we are re-organizing the magazine. The CMS is being changed/upgraded, more contributors and authors will post articles, and the magazine will have a blog like feel. We want it to be a resource for web designers and web developers of all kinds and think this is the best way to make it such. As a reader you may not notice a change in look (as the design will remain the same), you may not notice a change in the content (as existing articles will remain the same), and you may not notice a shift in the behind the scenes power (as the CMS is exactly that behind the scenes). What you will notice is an increase in articles, posts, and comments as the all of those ‘un-noticed’ things will bring these changes about.

If you do notice something out of the ordinary, please be patient. This transition will likely take place over the next couple of weeks, and with our fingers crossed no-one will notice a difference.